Vegan fashion reaches footwear

Vegan is in fashion. It has conquered the most important chefs and few are reluctant to include vegan dishes on their menus. We even see how in large cities there are not only vegan dishes in most of the menus and they are thus marked, but there are more and more restaurants specialized in vegetarian and / or vegan cuisine.

After the table, it is the turn of our closets and more and more people are concerned about what we wear. Fur coats have been in the eye of the storm for many decades now, and many people reject the fur industry. But now it goes a little further and rejects any product that has an animal origin.

And this fashion has not only reached clothing, also footwear. Traditionally, the highest quality footwear has been made from animal leather. But now this has been replaced by vegan leather or eco leather. It is a synthetic product but it is made with recycled materials that are sometimes also recyclable.

The fashion for vegan footwear is getting stronger and stronger and we already find shoes with a label of vegan shoes Spain, that is, created in our country. Brands that are being pioneers in this field and that already offer their customers quality sneakers at competitive prices, especially considering that, as with everything that becomes a trend, the most exclusive fashion brands have taken the opportunity to get products of this type at prices of authentic scandal.

Vegan footwear is so comfortable and can have as much or more quality than animal leather footwear. In fact, not all animal leathers are the same and there are some that offer fairly fair results. The same happens with organic leathers, which may be of the best quality or may have a somewhat poorer composition.

The important thing is that this leather is ecological and does not pollute. But to be one hundred percent sustainable, it also has to be durable as few things are more polluting than disposable items or items with a very short shelf life. And in this sense, Spanish vegan footwear fashion is at the forefront, offering products of the best quality.