Sneakers that make everyone feel good 

With the arrival of good weather it is time to start reviewing the available sneakers and take a look at what is trending for the season. But what can never be missing in the wardrobe is a neutral pair of slippers. Buying unisex sneakers is the best way to guarantee footwear with that neutrality and valid for most looks.

While when doing sports with the shoes it is important that they are made with the shape of a man or a woman so that they adapt better to the foot, when it comes to walking shoes this data is no longer relevant and unisex shoes are very common. These are models that, in addition, are quite timeless and made in classic colors, which helps them to fit with many outfits. White, navy blue or red tones are the predominant colors, although we can also find greens or yellows.

Among the most used materials for summer is the canvas, although we also find unisex sneakers in leather and imitation leather. These models are usually used more at halftime, since during the summer they can make the foot sweat too much, resulting in cooler canvas. Normally, they are lace-up, although models with elastic bands on the sides of the instep are also very popular.

They are perfect to go to work in a comfortable and informal way, to walk for hours with friends, to go shopping or even for a picnic. And they can be dressed in jeans, shorts or casual dresses of all kinds. They are models widely used also by both boys and girls.

Since these types of simple and classic sneakers are usually inexpensive, it is easy to have them in various colors to combine even better. They are easily washed, even in the washing machine with the proper precautions, such as putting them in a protective bag to avoid damaging the soles and they are very comfortable.

This very popular footwear can also be seen in many famous people in their most informal styles and even some well-known clothing brands have released unisex models to take advantage of the pull that this type of sneakers have, being endorsed by many and many influencers who advertise them in their channels on different social networks.